Month: August 2016

Bow-Ties and Boy Bags

When I chose the name The House Blend for my site it was for the concept of blending the things I’m passionate about into one blog. I knew I would start with my personal style but I also knew I wanted to incorporate men’s fashion as well. Thankfully my hubby is a total model! Would you believe when I met him he was wearing a cowboy hat and XL t-shirts? I think it’s really easy for most […]

Pom Poms in the Park

One of my favorite things about fashion is finding opportunities to have fun. These pom pom sandals do exactly that! They are so colorful that they go with a lot of things and are always a conversation piece. I often struggle in the summer because I do a lot of traveling and it’s so hot that I need pieces that are cool and comfy. These are a great way to to do both while still keeping […]

Exploring in Espadrilles

I can honestly say I have never been to a more beautiful place than Mallorca, Spain. This island off Spain’s coast is so peaceful and full of beautiful alcoves and beaches with water so clear you can see to the bottom. By the time we made it to Mallorca we had walked ALL OVER Madrid and Barcelona so we were beyond exhausted. We spent the weekend here just relaxing and exploring the beaches. This floral […]