Month: November 2016

Festive Fashion: Men’s Edition

With Thanksgiving over and December in 2 days, we have officially entered the holiday season and with that comes the calendar full of festivities. Some of these come with a dress code or maybe you are like me and my hubby and are always looking for an excuse the dress up. Either way, this week we’re talking about holiday style and how to find pieces you will get mileage out of the rest of the […]

Black and Gold and Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have been following the blog. It brings me such joy when I hear that you’re trying out a fedora or some fringe because of The House Blend! I started this blog just under a year ago to have fun with fashion and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Your support and willingness to step out of your style comfort […]

Petite Picks

Being petite has its perks. You can curl up in a coach class airplane seat, legroom is never a problem, and you can wear the highest heels in the world and not tower over your man. That said, there are definitely challenges, the most significant being finding clothes that fit. While every body type has its frustrations, being petite has compounded complications. It’s not just that pant and skirt lengths and sleeves need to be […]

Texture Test

One of the ways I put together an outfit is to combine different textures. Some fabrics don’t play as nicely together┬álike linen and wool (though never say never). But I love a good brocade pocket square or tie with a corduroy blazer or suede bomber. Texture is one of my favorite ways to add interest to an outfit. Plush textures like suede and velvet are having a moment and I feel like that extends to […]