Sunset on Summer

Yes, I know it’s October. Tomorrow is Halloween. But it’s been awhile since I’ve written a new post. If you follow me on social media I have been posting there but I haven’t written a new blog post for a few months.

These photos are from my husband’s and my 12 year anniversary weekend getaway back in September. We needed it. We have a lot of things competing for our time these days. This year alone we have run a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund the first album for our duo The Asking, recorded and released the album, played shows throughout the summer, led a missions trip to Bogotá, and are now about half-way through the fall leg of our tour. My husband also works full-time and is in school. I work part-time for Saddleback Leather and handle the business side of our music and volunteer with student ministries at our church. It’s a lot.

With everything going on in my life, the temptation is to say trying to continue with this blog is too much. But my passion for this blog runs deep. I can remember having my first fashion meltdown at age 6 when I had to wear a uniform to school. My well-meaning mom came home with the approved white sneakers and it was nothing but tears and a tantrum from me.  When the world was full of beautiful shoes, why couldn’t I wear some of them? As I’ve mentioned before, my dad had brought me home a pair of red sparkly shoes from Paris when I was 4. They looked just like the pair Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz. When shoes like that existed, basic white Reeboks seemed unjust.

Taking time over the past few months to promote our album and spend time volunteering has been so important and fulfilling. It’s given me space to think about this blog and what’s next. Reflection is such an important part of enjoying life. When I don’t stop to examine how I’m spending my time and energy I can easily lose focus on the things that matter. For me that’s God, my family and friends, and leaving the world a better place through music and those relationships. This blog is that space in between. Because how we create and express ourselves affects everything we do.

I’m excited to re-launch The House Blend and share some new content like more beauty vlogs, product reviews, couple style, and more. I’ll also be exploring a new look for my photos. Thank you for sticking with me as I figure out how to best deliver quality content that’s true to my style evolution.


Photos taken on an iPhone 6s by Greg House

White Jeans from Target
Caftan by Michael Stars – similar here
Silk cami by J Crew – similar here
Necklaces by The Brave Collection and Luv AJ (similar)
Rings by La Soula (similar), Katie Dean, and Tiffany&Co.
Bracelets by Miansai and Rachel Zoe (similar)
Mules by Marc Fisher (similar)

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