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Family Jewels

  I’ve never been big into jewelry. I used to only wear my wedding ring and some diamond stud earrings and call it good. Shoes were more my thing and often had enough sparkle for the rest of my outfit. But I started to notice how a bangle of bracelets and baubles really added interest some of my style icons’ outfits like Rachel Zoe and Iris Apfel and Audrey Hepburn. My grandma has always loved […]

Festive Fashion

I LOVE black and gold. Definitely my favorite color combo. This blouse and skirt combo¬†are not only great for holiday season festivities but they’re comfy too! I love that I can pair the blouse with black velvet pants and the skirt with a velvet top. Are you seeing a theme? I’m really just excited they allow me to incorporate more velvet :). The other cool thing about this outfit is that you can keep the […]

Black and Gold and Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have been following the blog. It brings me such joy when I hear that you’re trying out a fedora or some fringe because of The House Blend! I started this blog just under a year ago to have fun with fashion and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Your support and willingness to step out of your style comfort […]

Faux Fur and Firsts

  This is a first for me. I have been a lover of fashion since my dad brought me home a pair of sparkly ruby red slippers from his business trip to Paris when I was 4. Over the years I have been fascinated by the innumerable ways we can express ourselves through what we wear. Before we say a word, we’ve told a story about ourselves. With the help of my amazingly talented friend […]