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Special Edition: Album Photo Shoot Part 1

Over the past few months the duo my husband and I have, The Asking, have been hard at work on a new album. It’s been difficult to juggle both the album and The House Blend so I’ve had to post less. That’s frustratingĀ for me because I love working on this blog and creating cool content! But I did have the chance to curate this beautiful photoshoot with my fabulous photographer, Amie Akers, for the album […]

Denim Roundup

Donning denim is always presents a fun challenge of how to make this timeless staple feel fresh. I’d have to say that I wear denim most days and sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Below I’ve rounded up some ways to refresh your denim options – yes, even skinny jeans šŸ˜‰ Like all good 90’s trends, the split hem skinny is back this season :). I love this twist on […]

Cold Weather Valentine

It’s COLD here! Too cold for this LA girl. My one consolation? I can wear this faux fur coat and these red ankle boots. With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought it might be fun to put together an alternative V-Day look. When it’s cold the last thing you want to do is put on a dress and be freezing. I’m also not much of a dress girl even when it is warm so I […]

Festive Fashion

I LOVE black and gold. Definitely my favorite color combo. This blouse and skirt comboĀ are not only great for holiday season festivities but they’re comfy too! I love that I can pair the blouse with black velvet pants and the skirt with a velvet top. Are you seeing a theme? I’m really just excited they allow me to incorporate more velvet :). The other cool thing about this outfit is that you can keep the […]

Black and Gold and Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have been following the blog. It brings me such joy when I hear that you’re trying out a fedora or some fringe because of The House Blend! I started this blog just under a year ago to have fun with fashion and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Your support and willingness to step out of your style comfort […]

Bow-Ties and Boy Bags

When I chose the name The House Blend for my siteĀ it was forĀ the concept of blending the things I’m passionate about into one blog. I knew I would start with my personal style but I also knew I wanted to incorporate men’s fashion as well. Thankfully my hubby is a total model! Would you believe when I met him he was wearing a cowboy hat and XL t-shirts? I think it’s really easy for most […]