Fresh Take

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I talked in an earlier post about my love for velvet and the ways it’s being worn right now. It’s a fresh take to see it in casual settings so here I’ve paired it with denim. Cuffing the denim makes it more casual and keeps the velvet from being too stuffy. It’s an easy way to get more mileage out of that velvet sport coat you may have been reserving […]

New Year in Neutrals

My favorite neutral color is navy. It’s actually my favorite color period but I love that it can act as a neutral. I think many of us were taught not to mix neutrals – like if you wear a brown belt you wear brown shoes. This is actually not the case as neutrals are just that – neutral. That means they get along with everyone and should be allowed to mix and mingle ;). So […]

Velvet Resolutions

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I couldn’t let 2016 end without featuring one of the biggest trends of the year – velvet. I’ve really been enjoying seeing this trend mixed with unexpected fabrics and textures. No matter what you pair it with, velvet always brings the luxe factor. For New Years Eve I’ve paired it with this statement necklace from Dylanex – the hero item from this season’s Box of Style. I love how […]

Review of The Box of Style Winter 2016

For some people Christmas only comes once a year but for me it comes once a season. I love getting my Box of Style in the mail at the beginning of every season! Each item is individually wrapped so it really does feel like a present :). I’ve had mine for a little over a week and have tried out each item so I could give you the full scoop. If you decide you want […]

Fleur de Leaves

Whenever I need a good silk blouse I can usually find one in my mom’s closet. She has real silk vintage blouses that she has collected and friends have given her over the years. It makes vintage shopping much more convenient and less musty ;). This fleur de lis one is from Ann Taylor and I love it! It’s super comfortable and is an instant outfit-maker. I paired it with this leather midi skirt for […]

Independent Fashion Bloggers Feature

Hello fellow fashionistas! Some of you have asked about what it means for The House Blend to be featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers site. From time to time you’ll see me post that The House Blend has been included in Links a la Mode. This means a particular post from The House Blend has been chosen to be included with recent posts from other fashion bloggers to be featured on each other’s sites as well […]

Stripes and City Lights

I love a challenge – especially if it’s fashion related. One of the fun things about fashion is sifting through trends and finding ways to incorporate them into your personal style. People often think the way they see a trend on Kendall Jenner is the only way to wear it but that is not so. Being petite, there are rarely trends that I can incorporate without a significant amount of tailoring. This at first seemed […]

Festive Fashion

I LOVE black and gold. Definitely my favorite color combo. This blouse and skirt combo¬†are not only great for holiday season festivities but they’re comfy too! I love that I can pair the blouse with black velvet pants and the skirt with a velvet top. Are you seeing a theme? I’m really just excited they allow me to incorporate more velvet :). The other cool thing about this outfit is that you can keep the […]

Festive Fashion: Men’s Edition

With Thanksgiving over and December in 2 days, we have officially entered the holiday season and with that comes the calendar full of festivities. Some of these come with a dress code or maybe you are like me and my hubby and are always looking for an excuse the dress up. Either way, this week we’re talking about holiday style and how to find pieces you will get mileage out of the rest of the […]

Black and Gold and Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have been following the blog. It brings me such joy when I hear that you’re trying out a fedora or some fringe because of The House Blend! I started this blog just under a year ago to have fun with fashion and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Your support and willingness to step out of your style comfort […]