Stripes and City Lights

I love a challenge – especially if it’s fashion related. One of the fun things about fashion is sifting through trends and finding ways to incorporate them into your personal style. People often think the way they see a trend on Kendall Jenner is the only way to wear it but that is not so. Being petite, there are rarely trends that I can incorporate without a significant amount of tailoring. This at first seemed […]

Festive Fashion

I LOVE black and gold. Definitely my favorite color combo. This blouse and skirt combo are not only great for holiday season festivities but they’re comfy too! I love that I can pair the blouse with black velvet pants and the skirt with a velvet top. Are you seeing a theme? I’m really just excited they allow me to incorporate more velvet :). The other cool thing about this outfit is that you can keep the […]

Festive Fashion: Men’s Edition

With Thanksgiving over and December in 2 days, we have officially entered the holiday season and with that comes the calendar full of festivities. Some of these come with a dress code or maybe you are like me and my hubby and are always looking for an excuse the dress up. Either way, this week we’re talking about holiday style and how to find pieces you will get mileage out of the rest of the […]

Black and Gold and Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you who have been following the blog. It brings me such joy when I hear that you’re trying out a fedora or some fringe because of The House Blend! I started this blog just under a year ago to have fun with fashion and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Your support and willingness to step out of your style comfort […]

Petite Picks

Being petite has its perks. You can curl up in a coach class airplane seat, legroom is never a problem, and you can wear the highest heels in the world and not tower over your man. That said, there are definitely challenges, the most significant being finding clothes that fit. While every body type has its frustrations, being petite has compounded complications. It’s not just that pant and skirt lengths and sleeves need to be […]

Texture Test

One of the ways I put together an outfit is to combine different textures. Some fabrics don’t play as nicely together like linen and wool (though never say never). But I love a good brocade pocket square or tie with a corduroy blazer or suede bomber. Texture is one of my favorite ways to add interest to an outfit. Plush textures like suede and velvet are having a moment and I feel like that extends to […]

Bomber and Blues

I have to say I’m pretty excited that bomber jackets have made a comeback! They’re the perfect mix of military and comfort. I’ve paired it with denim and brogue boots for the perfect balance of trends and basics. Photos by Amie Akers Bomber by H&M – similar here Denim Shirt by Arizona Jeans Co. – similar here Jeans by Gustin Boots by Aldo – similar here Watch by Guess – similar here

The House Blend Featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers

It is always an honor to be recognized by other fashion bloggers! Thank you to Independent Fashion Bloggers for featuring my post Punk Rock Presence along with other super talented bloggers. Everyone please check out these other bloggers for some fierce fashion advice!     Links à la Mode, October 20th Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans: What’s in My September 2016 Secret Garden Glossybox Chiconomical: Quirk Pop Couture Crush: Couture Crushin: Wild Mantle Hooded Scarves […]

Blue Suede Shoes

There’s something about blue suede shoes that inspire songs. I am loving this particular pair from Marc Fisher. They have a flared block heel which is super on trend and they’re in my favorite navy blue. Being petite, I love the low ankle because it gives a leg lengthening affect. I’m also enjoying showing how you  can wear white all year round. This blazer is in a crepe material which gives great wearability regardless of […]

Punk Rock Presence

As a child of the 90’s the recent resurgence of 90’s fashion has me like – really? I now understand on another level what my mom was feeling when I used to go through her trunk of clothes from the 70’s looking for buried treasure. Since we are destined to repeat themes of former fashion (and who doesn’t love to wear a spikey pump) I decided to embrace it. I’m actually loving getting to combine […]